Our Story

Our Story   

Bondi Crush was born out of a love for fashion and design in the renowned Bondi Beach, where athleisure is more than just activewear, its a grocery store staple.


Bondi Crush is for all day, every day, every body comfort. Focused on the promotion of health and fitness, our aim is to bring Bondi's raw and motivating energy to all women through quality, effortless pieces in beautiful tones and textures that will carry and support you. To make you feel beautiful, confident, stylish and strong.


Gabriella x


We do it for the girls.


As a business owned and run by women, it’s at our core to inspire women to empower themselves in all aspects of life. We take pride in creating pieces that make women look and feel amazing.


We want you to fall in love with your activewear and for it to empower you to crush your goals.


Our Collections


We want our activewear to be enjoyed in and out of the gym. That's why we've created multifunctional, soft and stretchy pieces to support you throughout your day!


Our Ribbed Seamless collection is made from a flexible four-way knitted ribbed fabric that supports your body as you move. This, along with thoughtful design, allows our clothing to move with you, constantly adapting to each twist, lunge, and bend.